March 6th Show!

It’s time for some laughs
Just step on the gas

And head on down to Atwood Ave
You’re sure to have

A barrel of fun
And with plenty of quick-witted puns

The tickets are cheap
And I’m sure you won’t sleep

And there will be prizes
You won’t believe your eyes-is

A new cast of folks
I’m sure they won’t chokes

They are wonderfully clever
They don’t stumble– no never!

And the games they are newer
And don’t stray towards the sewer

So will see you on Sunday
And you will laugh all through Monday!

Improv with Experiment Royale, March 6th, Sunday night, 7:00 pm at Bunky’s 2425 Atwood Ave., $5.00

We have some fun, interesting and quite clever new members! Come and check them out! If you are interested in dinner the dining room is open at 5:00 pm. Great food! Drinks only served during the show.

Our Troupe, Experiment Royale:

Jeanne Leep,
Jon Rowe,
Bridget Buell,
Sue Hunter,
Tony Trout and
Rori Flynn…..and coming soon
Terry Rorek

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