February 13th Show

Can’t figure out what to do for valentine’s day this year?  Maybe you could take your date to a hilarious, and cheap comedy show?  Well… too bad.  Our show is on the 13th!

Lets think about this for a second, maybe you could make up a story about how you don’t observe leap years, or something, and that the 13th is actually the 14th in your calendar. Make sure to let your date know that they are ignorant to the actual government conspiracy to get an extra day of work out of us every 4 years or so.  You know the truth!  If you date hasn’t slapped you in the face for calling you ignorant, feel free to come on down to Bunky’s Cafe on Atwood Ave.

The Important Stuff
When: 7:00pm February 13th
Where: Bunky’s Cafe 2425 Atwood Ave Madison, WI
How Much: Tickets are $6 at the door

Bunky’s will not be serving dinner during the show, so if you want to take your date out, and elaborate on more wacky time theories, show up an hour or so early and have some delicious dinner upstairs.

Hope to see you there!!!!

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