March 6th Show!

It’s time for some laughs
Just step on the gas

And head on down to Atwood Ave
You’re sure to have

A barrel of fun
And with plenty of quick-witted puns

The tickets are cheap
And I’m sure you won’t sleep

And there will be prizes
You won’t believe your eyes-is

A new cast of folks
I’m sure they won’t chokes

They are wonderfully clever
They don’t stumble– no never!

And the games they are newer
And don’t stray towards the sewer

So will see you on Sunday
And you will laugh all through Monday!

Improv with Experiment Royale, March 6th, Sunday night, 7:00 pm at Bunky’s 2425 Atwood Ave., $5.00

We have some fun, interesting and quite clever new members! Come and check them out! If you are interested in dinner the dining room is open at 5:00 pm. Great food! Drinks only served during the show.

Our Troupe, Experiment Royale:

Jeanne Leep,
Jon Rowe,
Bridget Buell,
Sue Hunter,
Tony Trout and
Rori Flynn…..and coming soon
Terry Rorek

February 13th Show

Can’t figure out what to do for valentine’s day this year?  Maybe you could take your date to a hilarious, and cheap comedy show?  Well… too bad.  Our show is on the 13th!

Lets think about this for a second, maybe you could make up a story about how you don’t observe leap years, or something, and that the 13th is actually the 14th in your calendar. Make sure to let your date know that they are ignorant to the actual government conspiracy to get an extra day of work out of us every 4 years or so.  You know the truth!  If you date hasn’t slapped you in the face for calling you ignorant, feel free to come on down to Bunky’s Cafe on Atwood Ave.

The Important Stuff
When: 7:00pm February 13th
Where: Bunky’s Cafe 2425 Atwood Ave Madison, WI
How Much: Tickets are $6 at the door

Bunky’s will not be serving dinner during the show, so if you want to take your date out, and elaborate on more wacky time theories, show up an hour or so early and have some delicious dinner upstairs.

Hope to see you there!!!!

September 12th Show

Time for this month’s dose of Improv from Experiment Royale!!  This show, we will be down 1 Jeanne Leep, but we will have some special guests coming in from Chicago!


When: 7:00pm September 12th
Where: Bunky’s Cafe 2425 Atwood Ave Madison, WI
How Much: Tickets are $6 at the door

Bunky’s will have a limited menu of dinner items, if you want to eat dinner, I would suggest coming early and eating upstairs.  Eating during our shows is dangerous as hysterical laughter might cause your tasty kebab to go down the wrong tube!

August 15th Show

So, you want us back eh?  Well… you got it!!

Experiment Royale will be having their next performance at Bunky’s Cafe on  August 15th!

When: 7:00pm August 15th
Where: Bunky’s Cafe 2425 Atwood Ave Madison, WI
How Much: Tickets are $6 at the door, and if you would like to eat dinner, call Bunky’s ahead of time to sign yourself up for their $12 dinner buffet! $2 of each buffet sale will go towards the Min-Pin rescue! (608 204-7004) for details.

This time $1 of each ticket will be going to the Miniature Pinscher rescue in Madison, WI.
So, for the love of God, if you don’t want to come for us, please… think of the cute little doggies.. won’t somebody think of the cute little doggies!?

Here is a link to a sweet poster (.doc format) for you to print and hang on the ceiling above your bed.  (We help cure nightmares)Experiment Royale August 2010

July 18th Show Poster

Bridget’s friend, Katie (who is skilled in the graphical arts) made this awesome poster for us!!  Click through to get a full sized copy, and a pdf version to print and hang up!  We are very excited about the buzz being generated already, and we hope to see you on the 18th. (Poster links are available after the break)…

Continue reading July 18th Show Poster

July 18th, Show at Bunky’s Cafe at 7pm

You heard it here first! Experiment Royale will be continuing their comedic reign as Madison’s #1 group of Improvisational Comedy!

When: July 18th, 7pm.
Where: Bunky’s Cafe,
2425 Atwood Avenue
Madison, WI 53704-5604
(608) 204-7004
Price: $6, with $1 going towards the Great Dane local animal rescue organization.

Bunky’s will be serving drinks before and during the show, and if you would like to eat dinner, they open at 5pm (If you show up early, you can get a free Mini-Cannoli if you ask, just mention the show!) Or, if you want to eat during the show, please show up between 6-6:30 to allow them time to take all of the orders.  The basement will be open then for seating.

Bunky’s Cafe
Facebook Event (Invite your friends!)

Best of Madison 2010

Experiment Royale Improv has been voted in as one of the Best of Madison art groups for 2010. Thanks to all of the fans that voted for us! We love you. (In a platonic way) We received the Silver award, making us tied for 2nd place with the awesome Stage Q people. We were only beaten by those crafty musicians of the Madison Symphony Orchestra. (Link to Best of Madison) We should definitely have a show coming up tentatively on the 18th of july. Stay tuned for more info.


Welcome to the new website.  Punch and cookies will be served at 3:00.